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Transfer Thessaloniki - shuttle taxi service from / to Airport Makedonia SKG


At this page you can booking a private transport service best for your preference. On the list is a most of popular transfers which is avalible on this website. We offer special best TAXI AIRPORT SERVICE for everybody who need a shuttle service in Greece in Thessaloniki. Check information most popular places in North Greece. When you planing arrival to Thessaloniki or Kavala (Kawala) by plane, you should take car of transport service.
We offer a service from Airport SKG and shuttle to airfield. You can make booking online for best transfer in Greece. Does not matter that you ar traveling own or in group. We have special offer for everybody:
- airport transfer in private cars with proffesional chauffeurs
- business transfer for businessmans
- we provide transport service for hotels
- we provide shuttle service for companies
- we offer a disposal for hours or days

In our offer you can find cars with drivers in few classes:
- komfort
- premium
- VAN (bus)
- VAN Executive (premium bus for max 6 - 8 passengers).

Our elegant  drivers can greeting and meeting you in hall of arival and help you with the lagguage. Drivers can speak in english, german, russia and other languages.


The transferis24 is a part of group of private transport providers. We working in Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic. We have very big experience in transport of people. Transferis24 is a similar service like a Taxi, but we are better. Why better? Because we offer a complex elegant and discret transport service in few price options. We guaranted a best price for shuttle in Thessaloniki. If you want take a comfort and dedicated transport you must order this service. Comfortable cars, taxis, vans. We take you to special and excellent tour around Thessaloniki. Our drivers show you all most interesting places in north Greece.
Don`t search another companies like a hellenic transfer, detour transfer or uber, gettransfer etc..  - you need only transferis because Transfer.... TransferIS ! TransferIS24!



For contact with our office

in Thessaloniki:

Phone: +30 698 765 4282 



and ask about airport transfers and tours details


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We offer: airport transfer, shuttle service, taxi, hotel transfer and transfers, pickup greeting and meeting in Airport
For our service we use:
bus, minibus, VAN, coach, cars, mercedes, bmw, peugeot, fiat, nissan, skoda, VW Volkswagen

We working:
in thessaloniki airport, halkadiki 1 finger 2 and 3 finger one two three  

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The best shuttle service in North Greece. Pickup from SKG, TAXI to airfield. Private chauffeurs with comfortable cars. Pay by cash, card, online or PayPal.

Thessaloniki - airport transfers and tours

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32 Gianni Halkid, Thessaloniki  54 249  GREECE
+30 698 765 4282